Program for Jazz
P4J at Imbibe 2.12.19.jpg

Program for Jazz, or p4j, is drummer David Shore, bassist Rick Eckberg, cornetist Bryan McCune, and Lord Byron—the poet and storyteller formerly known as Clark Holtzman. We perform original poetry and the stuff from your sophomore lit survey courses, reinterpreted through jazz, R&B, bop. We do Shakespeare in 5/4 time, e. e. cummings with a backbeat. p4j came together out of a respect for words and rhythm . . . and an itch to rethink the poems through the music, the music through the poems. Imagine iambic pentameter delivered eight to the bar and you’ve got an idea what we’re about. And if there’s a good story behind the poets, the musicians, the songs, the poems, you can be sure we’ll tell it.

Stories with character & passion. Poems of beauty, poems of love, poems of protest and rage. Music that lifts you out of your chair. Mysteries, mind-benders, and much ado about nothing but the words & the rhythm.